About us

About us

Cixi Tiantian International Travel Service Co., Ltd.

Founded in April 2007, is approved by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the People's Republic of China, and registered in the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce of the limited liability company; company operating license L-ZJ-CJ100055, legal representative: Wang Dongbo.

Business scope: outbound tourism, domestic tourism and inbound tourism business.

Enterprise Mission: To pursue the material and spiritual well-being of all employees, while contributing to the progress and development of human and society.

The company takes "honesty" as its aim, service oriented, intensive cultivation, and maintain first-class brand. Since its opening, the company has served the general public with the service concept of "customer-oriented". It has been awarded "Zhejiang four-star quality travel agency", "Zhejiang contract-abiding credit unit", "Ningbo consumer trusted unit", "Ningbo tourism safety standardization enterprise", "Ningbo city tourism safety standardization standard", "Ningbo city". Travel agency management and service standard enterprises, "Cixi consumer trusted unit", "Cixi workers pioneer", "Cixi Federation of Trade Unions staff recuperation contractor fixed-point units", "Cixi City SME Promotion Association excellent member enterprises", "Cixi City 81890 Service Industry Association member units" were received. Widely praised. The company's public WeChat has been selected as "the ten best tourism unit of WeChat in Ningbo in 2014".

At present, the headquarters of the company has its own property rights of the office; has a highly educated, well-trained reconciliation and outbound leader, tour guide team and professional management personnel engaged in outbound and domestic tourism for many years, is a top-ranking business performance, excellent corporate culture, service integrity and integrity of the tourism enterprise. . We hope to provide the general public with individualized and contemporary tourism products, in a two-way interactive atmosphere, so that everyone can enjoy the pleasure of tourism, the company provides outbound and domestic travel services of more than 1000 selected routes, at the same time, our agency also commissioned Hotel Booking services, individual bus booking services. (Tourist bus), travel insurance, ticket booking (air ticket, ticket), tour guide booking, meal booking, reception team, conference and exhibition, etc., to provide customers with all-round convenient services; for many years, our company has been focusing on the quality of tourism services, constantly developing new tourism projects and related services, with "honest service" Everyone, let every visitor be satisfied "is the purpose, leaving a good impression on every guest we receive. We sincerely welcome new and old guests from all walks of life.  


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Headquarter address: Jinhui building, 1318 Qian Ying Road, Cixi (opposite to the north gate of the Oriental Pearl District).

Headquarters Tel: 0574-63119700 6311971123681980

Fax at Headquarters: 0574- 2370958863881366

Headquarters complaints phone: 0574-23709555

Mobile phone: 13858348812

Mailbox: 13858348812@139.com


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Company account

Name: Cixi Tiantian International Travel Service Co., Ltd.

Bank: Pudong Development Bank, Shanghai branch, Ningbo branch, Cixi branch.

Account number: 94120155260005031

Private account

Wang Dongbo 4340621590089250 (China Construction Bank, Cixi branch)

Wang Dongbo 622848031011792221 (Agriculture Bank, Chengnan Branch)

Wang Dongbo 101006256492188 (Cixi rural commercial bank, Qian Ying Road Branch)

Wang Dongbo 622262018000071614 (Bank of communications Cixi branch)